Machine Dreams 5 - 8 June
The Museum of Mechanical Dreams

The Subharchord.

A showcase of customised sonic tools and self-built inventions, obsolete equipment and reclaimed technologies. This event at the Teknisk Museum breathes new life into technologies considered defunct or out of date.

Electronic musician Biosphere, aka Geir Jenssen, hails from the north of Norway. Tonight he performs a piece specially composed for one of only three surviving examples of the Subharchord – an electronic sound generator built in East Berlin in the early 60s – in the world.

Aki Onda
Walkman concert
Aki Onda is an electronic musician, composer, and visual artist. Onda was born in Japan and currently resides in New York. His cassette project is compiled from a sound diary of field recordings collected over a span of two decades on a cassette walkman, which he also physically manipulates with electronics during his performances.

Tore Honoré Bøe
Acoustic Laptops
Tore Honoré Bøe makes music with wood: a box which contains mechanical objects amplified with tiny microphones. With these acoustic machines he discovers normally inaudible microsounds.

Christian Blom
Al-Khowarizmi’s Mechanical Orchestra
Al-Khowarizmi’s Mechanical Orchestra is an interactive system designed to perform music via a system of automated strings, bells and lights. Every time a spectator presses a button, a new variation becomes possible.

Bjørn Erik Haugen
The Typist: Purloined Letters
New piece by the Norwegian conceptual artist written for the ‘Typatune’, a chiming typewriter machine manufactured in the 1940s to teach children how to type. A secretary will be typing The Purlioned letter, by Edgar Allan Poe on a Typatune.

Ina Pillat
Subharchord – A Child of the Golden Age
Independent film maker Ina Pillatt originates from East Germany, but is currently living in Oslo. Her latest documentary is Subharchord – A Child of the Golden Age, and traces the hidden history of the instrument played this evening by Biosphere. Pillat will show clips from the documentary and talk about its history in Norway, a story that has parallels with the Cold War and Norwegian experimental music.

Teknisk Museum
6 June
7 pm

Museum ticket: kr 100 / 50 


Sold at, Narvesen, 7-eleven and at the venue.

Aki Ondas kassetter. Foto: presse.
Biosphere. Foto: Trine Falch.

Pilot for Subharchord documentary.