Tycho Brahe - new opera in Bergen

A newly written opera by Ursus produksjoner (NO). nyMusikk Bergen ends their season with the opera Tycho Brahe 3 and 4 June, in collaboration with BIT Teatergarasjen and BEK.

Written and directed by Sigurd Fischer Olsen, Lena Buchacz, Roar Sletteland. With Lisa Dillan, soprano, Morten Barrikmo, clarinet and Jostein Gundersen, recorders.

In 2013 nyMusikk Bergen produced the opera Lohengrin by Salvatore Sciarrino, where the aim was to create a contemporary opera by means of breaking down the traditional hierarchy associated with this art form. Ursus produksjoner stems from the success of this project and we are introduced to a new opera accompanied by their own self composed music. It's about Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe's (1546-1601) last meal.

Tycho Brahe attended a banquet in Prague and had refused to leave the dinner to relieve himself as he thought it to be a breach of etiquette. As a consequence he suffered an illness and died shortly after. 

Speculations were made that he was intentionally poisoned. We are dealing with a criminal mystery, an unsolved puzzle, and the relationship between shame, social conventions, science, and nature's sovereignty.

Grand Bergen
3 June kl. 19:00
4 June kl. 14:00, 19:00

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