Ultima 2016

Jacob Kierkegaard

Live performace and artist conversation.
From the radioactive zone of Chernobyl to the inner canals of the human ear, Berlin-based Danish sound artist Jacob Kirkegaard uses field recordings to locate the power and spirit of place in some of the world’s most extreme environments.

In addition to his installation MELT at Fotogalleriet, there will be a live performance by Jacob Kirkegaard of his renowned work ISFALD (2013). Isfald is the Danish word for ‘Icefall’, one of the many names for ice formations in the Arctic. Based on the recordings of calving glaciers with a hydrophone, which makes it possible to record sounds travelling from hundreds of kilometres away, Kirkegaard reassembles the recorded sound in his live performance.

Accompanied by a conversation with Anne Hilde Neset (nyMusikk) discussing the relationship between sound and photographic image, including the notion of field recordings that are a vital element in Kirkegaard’s work.

In MELT, a new installation created for Oslo’s Fotogalleriet, Jacob Kirkegaard combines environmental recordings brought back from the Ilulissat iceberg in Greenland, above the Arctic Circle, into an immersive audio-visual work that amplifies the sound of calving glaciers, the traumatic creaks and groans of melting ice, and the chilling blasts of Arctic storms. Using microphones placed underwater and drilled into ice, he reveals a world of distant, booming sound even when the immediate area appeared to be silent. 

MELT is part of Fotogalleriet’s Arctic-themed group show, ‘For a gentle song would not shake us if we had never heard a loud one’, curated by Stephanie von Spreter. The exhibition opens on 8 September.

A collaboration between Ultima, Fotogalleriet and nyMusikk.

Jacob Kirkegaard is an artist and composer who works in carefully selected environments to generate recordings that are used in compositions, or combined with video imagery in visual, spatial installations. Based in Berlin, Kirkegaard has presented his works at galleries, museums and concert spaces throughout the world, including MoMA in New York, LOUISIANA in Denmark, KW in Berlin and the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo.

The participation of Jacob Kirkegaard is supported by The Danish Arts Foundation

9 September
6 pm

Free entrance

The exhibition MELT opens 8 September.
Address: Møllergata 34.