Bohman Brothers + Vilde&Inga

Lunch concert with performance duo Bohman Brothers and ECM-signed Vilde&Inga during Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival.

Bohman Brothers, Cafe OTO, London 14. juni 2013. Foto: Fabio Lugaro - flickr.com/photos/fabiolug

London based Jonathan Bohman and Adam Bohman aka The Bohman Brothers, are known for their unique experimental sound based live performances which use found objects, text and an innumerable array of sound sources. Their humourous visual set-ups resemble hard-wired flea markets, are the basis from which the duo, in the spirit of Fluxus, musique concrète and sound poetry, create their often grotesque soundscapes freely quoting from any source available to them. Found texts such as advertising spiel is juxtaposed with sounds ranging from amplified shoe brushes to a tape cutup of seventeenth-century instruments.

By exploring nontraditional approaches to their instruments, Vilde (violin) and Inga (double bass) in Vilde&Inga greatly expand their timbre palette. The wide horizons of colour allow the music to develop slowly and organically, yet with a keen underlying sense of compositional form. Vilde Sandve Alnæs and Inga Margrete Aas are classically trained musicians from Norway and released their debut album on ECM earlier this year, to great international acclaim.

Presented in collaboration with Ultima and Blow Out!

Vilde&Inga; Foto: Peter Gannushkin.

12 September

Free, with refreshments.