Ole Martin Huser-Olsen

Lunch concert with Ole Martin Huser-Olsen during the Ultima festival.

Ole Martin Huser-Olsen.

Ole Martin Huser-Olsen is a classical guitarist whose repertoire spans from Renaissance to newly composed contemporary music. The search for his own time lies at the heart of Huser-Olsen’s lunchtime concert in nyMusikk’s premises in Grønland. His quest is expressed in pieces by Martin Rane Bauck and Simon Steen-Andersen, who rework Shakespeare material and Bach’s Capriccio i B-flat major, respectively. Charlotte Piene and Dagfinn Koch also touch on the relationship between the past and the present: Piene through her translation of a specific person’s specific actions in a specific space of time, and Koch through his musical rendition of the poem entitled Hud.

--Charlotte Piene - Turn back to that point where (you think) you were that day (2011/2013)
--Dagfinn Koch - Hud (WP)
--Martin Rane Bauck - Fretted With Golden Fire – 1. sats (WP)
--Rainer Rubbert - Aus Snodens Zeit (WP)
--Simon Steen-Andersen - Beloved Brother (2008)

In collaboration with Ultimafestivalen.

15 September

Free, with refreshments.