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Remembering Mika Vainio

Mika Vainio. Foto: Annar Bjørgli / Nasjonalmuseet.

Finnish musician Mika Vainio, who died suddenly in 2017, left an indelible mark on noise, techno, industrial and experimental music. 

A true sonic nomad, Vainio was a key member of Pan Sonic and the Sähkö Recordings collective and collaborated with Björk, Suicide’s Alan Vega, drone guitarist Stephen O’Malley, Japanese artist Keiji Haino and others. 

This evening’s multi-part tribute to Mika’s life and music includes two screenings of the near-mythical documentary Sähkö The Movie, filmed during an eventful UK tour. 

Afterwards, a panel discussion on Mika Vainio will be followed by a memorial concert in Mika’s uncompromising spirit with Lucio Capese, Mattin and Morten J. Olsen.

Legendary Japanese experimentalist Keiji Haino brings his shamanic improvisations to Blå with a performance by Austrian performer Christina Nemec to kick it off, before a club night at Kafe Hærverk with a concert with Jimi Tenor and film/DJ sets from Esko RoutamaaMo Loschelder and Tommi Grönlund


Kafè Hærverk, 16.00 & 18.00 
Film: Sähkö The Movie (1995) (Jimi Tenor) 

Single ticket: 50 (on the door only, limited capacity)

Ingensteds, 20.00
Panel discussion: Tommi Grönlund, Mo Loschelder, Christina Nemec, Rob Young (Moderator)
Concert: Lucio Capece, Mattin & Morten J. Olsen: «Trahnie Farwell»

Single ticket: 200/150 NOK

Blå, 22.00
Concert: Christina Nemec solo. Keiji Haino solo.

Single ticket: 250/200 NOK

Kafé Hærverk, 24.00
Concert: Jimi Tenor
Film/DJs: Mo Loschelder, Esko Routamaa, Tommi Grönlund

Single ticket: 100 (on the door only, limited capacity)

21 September 2018
Hærverk /Blå / Ingensteds

Day pass: 350/300 NOK
Includes entrance to all events on the following conditions:
Admission at Blå and Ingensteds guaranteed.
Admission at Kafé Hærverk: Be there 20 minutes before listed event to guarantee entrance

Tickets for single events: see programme


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