Ultima 2016

Tony Conrad Tribute

A series of concerts and a documentary screening honouring artist, musician, filmmaker and experimentalist Tony Conrad (1940-2016) is presented as part of this year´s Ultima festival. The project has been developed in a collaboration between Ultima, Atelier Nord and nyMusikk. 

Tony Conrad died in April 2016, 76 years of old. Conrad was influenced by the compositional ideas of John Cage and Karlheinz Stockhausen while studying mathematics at Harvard. He was a founding member of the Theatre of Eternal Music in the 1960s alongside La Monte Young, John Cale Angus McLise and a host of other figures sentral to the avant-garde scene in New York in the 1960s and 70s. Some will also note that The Velvet Underground never would have seen the light of day without him.

Tony Conrad was a pioneering figure in relation to the emergence of so-called structural film during this period, with his directorial debut Flicker (1996) that consisted of alternating black and white images that resulted in pulsating stroboscopic effects. In later years he worked as a professor at The University of Buffalo, New York together with Woody & Steina Vasulka, Paul Sharits, Hollis Framton and Peter Weibel among others. Conrad was active right until the end and visited Oslo in 2008, performing in a series of concerts arranged by Dans for Voksne.


We wish to honour Conrad as an influential, lifelong artist and endless source of inspiration. There will be four concerts at Atelier Nord ANX with works written specifically for the occasion:

7 September 7PM
C. Spencer Yeh One Hour for Tony (with Violin and Voice)
10 September 7PM
Lasse Marhaug & Jon Wesseltoft – Outside of Mount Meru
12 September 7PM
Kari Rønnekleiv w/friends – Oslo Field Theory
14 September 7PM
Andrew Lampert & Greg PopePerfect Makes Practice

Documentary screening
As an introduction to Tony Conrad’s diverse life and work we will be screening the brand new documentary Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present (directed by Tyler Hubby, 2016) daily during Ultima (7.09 – 17.09) at 5 PM. From 18.09 til 02.10 the film will be shown from Thursday to Sunday at 5PM. The film premiered in Chicago in June, and was very well received. On concert days it will be possible to purchase a snack in-between the screening and concert.

Paul Williams, Producer of Tony Conrad: Completely in the present will hold a talk independent film production on the 12th of September, 3PM titled Why I Burn Bridges: The necessity of independence in my art & film production. The talk will be followed by a screening of the film.

An unpretentious portrait of a singular artist. It requires no prerequisite knowledge of the subject, but it never shies away from its complex radicalism. – Matt Krefting, The Wire

C. Spencer Yeh is an artist and composer based in New York. He is known for his interdisciplinary approach to video and music under the name Burning Star Core. As an improviser, he mainly works with a vocabulary consisting of voice, violin and electronics. Spencer was a frequent collaborator with Tony Conrad.

Andrew Lampert is an artist, archivist and curator living in New York. He works with film, video and performance in the expanded cinematic field, where he makes use of chance operations to counteract the script-driven form of conventional cinema.

Greg Pope is an artist and curator for The Dream That Kicks at Cinemateket. Pope is from London, but has been living in Oslo for the last 10 years. Pope’s performance pieces often involve the manipulation of the analog film in real time, while it moves through purpose built projection equipment.

Lasse Marhaug is a noise musician and composer active since the 1990s. He has arranged and contributed to a long list of concerts, records and publications in Norway and abroad.

Jon Wesseltoft is a noise musician that has participated in numerous international publications and collaborations.

Kari Rønnekleiv is a violinist, educated at the Trondheim Conservatory of Music and The Royal College of Music in London. She has frequently recorded and performed live, such as together with Ole-Henrik Moe in the band Sheriffs of Nothingness.

The programme is curated by Per Platou.

The project has been developed in a collaboration betwwen Ultima, Atelier Nord and nyMusikk with the support of Arts Council Norway and Oslo Kommune kulturetaten.

Atelier Nord ANX
07.09 – 02.10

Address: Olaf Ryes plass 2 (entrance Sofienberggt.)