nyMusikk Trondheim og All Ears presenterer:

Marcela Lucatelli + Angharad Davies/Lina Lapelyte

allEars - Filial Trondheim: I samarbeid med improfestivalen allEars i Oslo, arrangerer nyMusikk Trondheim konsert med tre av artistene fra årets festival med Marcela Lucatelli og Angharad Davies + Lina Lapelyte.

Marcela Lucatelli can already be hailed as one of the most innovative vocalists and composers of her generation. Born in Brazil and based in Denmark, Marcela has earned international recognition for her extremely original, sensuous and politically charged performance works.

Angharad Davies + Lina Lapelyte have been collaborating with each for over ten years. Their duo work explores the intimacy and choreography of sound and the interplay between sculpture and performance.

“Near-darkness. Two violins - Angharad Davies and Lina Lapelyte stand back to back. Slowly, they circle as they play, like the enwrapping of a climber plant ascending its host. A single light illuminates one sliver of hair. The sound is thin, unstable, like a squeaky gate……….” David Toop, Into The Maelstrom

12. januar 2019

Inngang: 100/ 150.-